Your Fall Leaves Can Make You Fall In Love With Your Garden

Your Fall Leaves Can Make You Fall In Love With Your Garden

During the autumn, people who live in four-seasoned countries will see the hampering of falling leaves, that beautifully adorn their yards with the gold, yellowish tones. Some trees produce red leaves that enhance the beauty of nature.  Those leaves will look beautiful when they just fall down. But, when the piling leaves are greater in amount, then homeowners might need to clear them up.

Your Fall Leaves Can Make You Fall In Love With Your Garden

Fall Leaves Are Not Useless

Falling leaves are spreading away in every corner. Homeowners, whether they like it or not, have to get rid of them. If you are one of them, then don’t get downhearted. It may look pretty tiring to clean them. But, you need to know that those falling leaves are not useless. On the other hand, they deliver lots of benefits.

Fall leaves can be recycled for composting the soil. We can easily notice the brownish tone colors that they produce. It means those leaves can become the bio-organic wastes that will bring lots of benefits for composting.

The main thing to do is to mow those leaves. Place those leaves on certain parts of your yard, that you need to fertilize.   Some homeowners just leave them that way, as they consider that those leaves can just provide a natural way of fertilizing the soil automatically. But, this is not a wise idea to have the soil fertilized.

The first reason why you can’t just leave those leaves that way is because of the land’s asphyxiation. The great amount of piled up leaves will ruin the soil. There will be unwanted bacteria and viruses that bring harmful effects for you and your family members. The best fertilizing process takes place when the proper volume of leaves are breaking down. They contain good nutrition for feeding plants.

But, you can’t just place rotten leaves. Also, combine with green leaves, so they can be combined and produce the best material for the soil fertilizing process. If you just place rotten, brown leaves, then it will produce a very stinky smell. The right combination of green and brown materials will produce a healthy microbe that will grow perfectly in the right moisture level. The compost will be rich in nitrogen and carbon.

No Need To Fertilize Anything? Just Clean Them Up Properly

Alright, not all homeowners have time for gardening. You can be one of them.  You might have no time to combine brown and green leaves altogether. Then, you have to clean them up in the right way. Cleaning them might take a shorter time than using them for composting.

If you want to save your time, then you should prepare a big rake and scooper. It is easy to find them in hardware stores. You also need giant garbage plastic bags to be filled with those dried, yellow leaves. The bigger the plastic bags are, the faster process that you need to clean your backyard.

Having a giant-sized backyard? Then don’t just mow them sporadically. You’ll get tired and upset pretty soon. You need to divide the backyard into several sections.  Clean one section first, before you continue to the next one. By doing this, your cleaning effort will be efficiently effective.

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