Cleaning Your Shower Head Regularly

The Importance of Cleaning Your Shower Head Regularly

The cleaning tool may not be always clean all the time. The same thing applies to your shower head. Most homeowners take this for granted, as they think that this part is always clean, due to its exposure to water. The fact is that there will be piling up of dirt under the surface. If it is left untreated, then it might have fungi within.

Keep Your Shower Head Clean in Simple Steps

Cleaning a showerhead will not waste your time. Spend a few minutes and you’ll be ready to use your clean shower head in a month.

Cleaning Your Shower Head Regularly

1.Have Yourself A Cleaning Solution

Every house has a cleaning solution. But, if you happen to run out of it, then you can make it your own by mixing water and vinegar. It can be the best solution because vinegar contains an acetic acid that helps to eliminate deposits in the holes of the n shower head. Just apply the solution to the showerhead. Use a soft brush and don’t forget to wear gloves.

2.Cleaning it Thoroughly

Some showerhead sets are removable, while others are not. For a removable shower head, it is as easy as opening the head and place it within a cleaning solution in a bowl, after you brush it up. But, for a showerhead that cannot be removed, then you can prepare yourself a bucket, that is filled with enough solution. Place the showerhead until it is soaked fully.

3.Rinsing The Head

After several minutes of soaking, you can put back the shower head parts or lift the showerhead from the bucket. Try using the shower by running the hot water. Within minutes, the dirt that sticks on the holes will flush. The use of hot water is also suitable for cleaning the excess of the cleaning solution, whether it is the homemade cleaner or chemical-based cleaner.

4.Do The Whole Steps Once Again

If you are not sure that your shower head is clean thoroughly, then you can repeat the whole process once again. This is to ensure that your shower head is really having no debris. This is particularly the dirt around the hole.

5.Dry the Showerhead

Some homeowners don’t do this, because they think that their showerhead is used to be in wet condition. Drying the showerhead is also important, even if you will use it a little bit later. By drying the showerhead, then it is easier for you to check up, whether the showerhead is really clean or not.

Additional Tips

Do this regularly, at least once a month. Cleaning the showerhead can be done without any additional tools, but a brush and a soft wipe cloth. However, it is recommended to replace the head shower regularly.  Replacing the shower once in a year or two is good for maintaining the overall system.

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Bacteria, germs can easily return to an old showerhead. This is why, it is always recommended to own a metal head shower instead of plastic. This is to ensure that the head shower can last longer.

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