best time to water your plant tips

The Best Time To Water Your Plants Tips

When you have a garden, you do need to know the best time to water your plants. Whether you have a vegetable garden or potted plants, all the plants have their time to be watered. Experts say that the best time is just before or after the sunrise. Water your plants in the morning. And you know, there is a reason for that timing.

Watering your plants in the morning will help them to absorb more. It is because in the cooler temperatures the water is less evaporated. You may water at night but without the sun, the water you pour will excess and cause fungus and rot issues.

best time to water your plant tips

How to Choose the Best Time to Water

The best time to water your plants is in the morning. This way works because it follows the plant’s natural growth cycle. The plant is ready to water early in the morning, or a few hours after the sunrise. Make sure when you water, the sun is not up in the sky.

By watering it after the sunrise, your plants will have time to absorb the water and hydrate themselves.

If you cannot water it in the morning, you can water late in the afternoon. Wait until the sun is going down, it makes your plants not get burned, but you will still have little time to water and let it absorb. You can try to water at 4 pm. That is the best time to water your plants in the afternoon.

And the best technique to water the plants is by watering it near the roots since it is the roots that absorb the water and nourish your plants. While if you water over the leaves, the water will just be evaporated. The water that stays on the leaves will also cause mold or cause your plants to overheat.

You also need to check whether or not your plants show signs of overwatering or not. If your plants get too much water, it has the same effect when it gets too little water. Just make sure that you water it with a correct frequency. Do not try to overdo it. If you find these signs, your plants might be overwatering. It shows you signs of rot, limp, or soggy foliage and the leaves get brownish or yellow at the tips.

best time to water your plant tips

Golden Rules for Watering

Keep your plants evenly moist. You can water it less often, but water it thoroughly. You can try to water it twice a week. It would be enough for a flower bed. It is better to water it with plenty of water seldomly, rather than water it too often with little water.

When you water container plants, water will function like fertilizer. The best time to water is twice a day, one time in the morning before the sun is too high, and once in the evening. If you have a small container, the more you will have to fill the container.

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When you water your outdoor plants, it then depends on the soil, the plants, and also the weather. The most important one is making the soil moist. Thus, you can water it every day or several time for a week. That is the best time to water your plants.

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