7 Crucial Things To Stop Cleaning Using Paper Towels

Read These 7 Crucial Things To Stop Cleaning Using Paper Towels

Cleaning things by using paper towels seem very easy and simple. The surface of paper towels allows them to clean almost anything thoroughly.  But, there are actually some things that we shouldn’t clean by using paper towels.

Why We Love Paper Towels

Cleaning things using paper towels is more than just comfortable. We can throw them away, right after cleaning. Cleaning a bathroom turns out to be the ‘main duty’ of paper towels. The next task that paper towels do is the kitchen cleaning. Without a doubt, the kitchen has lots of things to clean, from the stove, kitchen tables, and so forth.

7 Crucial Things To Stop Cleaning Using Paper Towels

Why Don’t We Use Soft Cloth to Clean Things?

The only answer to this question is that we don’t want to wash any cloth. It is wasting time and we don’t want to make our hands dirty with all those greasy particles which are left in the cloth. Actually, soft cloth is the best cleaning tool media for our utensils and furniture.

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Keep reading to find out about things that your paper towels shouldn’t clean.

1.Dirty Hands

Paper towels are the best cleaners for oily hands. But, if you do it regularly, then you don’t care about the increasing amount of kitchen garbage. Prepare yourself a clean napkin to clean your hands.


The carpet with a spilled drink is much easier to be wiped with paper towels. That’s how it seems. The fact is that there are fibers of paper towels that will add dirt and debris to the carpet. Vacuuming the carpet is much better after cleaning it with, again, soft cloth.


The sink looks sturdy. You won’t believe that excessive usage of paper towels can scratch it in the long-term.  Nothing beats the power of soft cloth and a drop of vinegar in cleaning your sink perfectly and safely.

4.Cups, Plates, and Glasses

Drying them with paper towels is very easy. We often find it hard to dry these utensils by using our napkins. Beware of small particles from the paper towels that might harm the digestive systems.

5.Smartphone Screens

Just admit that you’ve done this a million times! We often want to clean our smartphone screen right away after eating. Even if your screen is protected with tempered glass, it might suffer from a little scratch.  The same thing applies to any screen like television or laptop.


Believe it or not, cleaning windows with paper towels is the worst thing to do. Paper towels will leave small particles that stick to the windows. Even a paper bag is better to be used in cleaning windows.

7.Silver Utensils

Paper towels will reduce the sparkle of the silver utensils, and may deliver some unseen scratches. Silver has its own cleaning tools, so stick to them.

Save The Earth

These days, the use of paper towels is already beyond our imagination. They produce such a big waste to the earth. This is the time when we should stop using them, for unnecessary things.

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