Philips Hue Review

Philips Hue Review on its Key Specifications

If you look for smart lighting solution for your home, consider Philips Hue. You probably have heard about this product for so long. The newest Hue is even better. The system now offer a wide range of motion sensors and switches. It is even supported with SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. As this product is getting popular, many people are interested in reading further about Philips Hue review. So, here is a brief review about this extremely powerful and flexible smart lighting system.

Philips Hue Review

Philips Hue review: Design

As mentioned previously, Phillips Hue offers a wide range of bulbs. Most of these bulbs are a little heavier compared to the majority of LED models, but you can still fit them into regular fittings. It means the lights are ready to be used at any tome wirelessly. One thing to keep in mind, Hue is not compatible with dimmers. Therefore, you should switch the dimmers out for standard switches.

There are numerous choices of lights offered by Phillips. The White bulbs are the least expensive ones. The dimmable bulbs have warm white models. The most favorite bulbs are the White Ambiance bulbs. Many people love these bulbs because the color temperature can change from warm to cold. The other popular bulbs are the White and Color Ambience which are equipped with so many features, allowing the bulbs to do everything the others can’t.

However, most Hue light bulbs don’t come with attractive design. In other words, they look just like old fashioned bulbs. There is a new range of Filament bulbs, though. These bulbs look incredible when turned off. They look even better fitted into fancy light fittings.

How to set up Phillips Hue

Phillips Hue comes with a new system that makes home living easier and better. First of all, you need to set up the Hue Bridge. Via an Ethernet cable, it simply plugs into your home network. After it is successfully connected, the Bridge will be automatically detected. Then, with a set of simple instructions you can add your bulbs.

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You can easily control Hue using the app. The app has improved a lot since the first time it was launched. Now it works faster and it is easier to use, allowing you to turn on/off the lights and set the dim level instantly.

There are some advanced settings that let you change color or temperature.  The best thing is that you can either change them all to the same color or temperature or control them individually. It means you can get every bulb in your home working the way you want. For example, you may want to separately control your lightstrip.

Voice assistants supporting the Hue

Phillips Hue is very popular that it is supported with some major voice assistants such as Google Home support, Apple HomeKit, and Alexa. It allows you to simply use your voice to set the dim level and turn on/off the light.

The voice assistants work roughly the same so they can complete each other. With Alexa, for example, you can activate any programmed scenes but you can’t ask Alexa to change the color of the light. Meanwhile Google Home allow you to change the light color individually but it does not support scenes. Apple HomeKit can do both, but limited to those you create within the app.

Is Phillips Hue worth the money?

Even though Phillips Hue is a little but pricier than other smart bulbs, your money will be well spent. Of course, there are many alternatives of smart lighting, but Hue is the best smart lighting system to purchase especially of you don’t want to mess around with the wiring in the house. Not only does it have the widest range of smart bulbs, it also has the widest range of controllers and third-party supports.

By reading the Philips Hue review, you now know that this versatile and powerful lighting system is what your home needs. The only drawback of this high quality light bulb is its remote control that is made of plastic. This is just a trivial downside, though. The most important thing is that this aesthetic smart light bulb is able to significantly make home living better and easier.

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