Willow Hybrid Trees

Pay Attention to Everything You Need To Know About Willow Hybrid Trees

This article will provide you with everything you need to know about willow hybrid trees. The trees are very popular among homeowners, who demand a flawlessly green garden. Homeowners are in great need of having such privacy with the shading trees, thanks to their fast and dense growth. Growing the trees in the house will provide lots of benefits for any homeowners.

Everything You Need To Know About Willow Hybrid Trees

The growth of this tree is very fast. It can reach up to ten feet each year at the maximum. Even if it is left untreated, it still can grow approximately six feet within a year. But, if you plan to have this tree, then you should pay a minute or two in a day for watching its maximum growth. Homeowners, who pay attention to its maintenance, will enjoy the privacy that it offers, thanks to its dense growth.

Having a garden, with full privacy without any requirements to build any fence or wall, is what most homeowners love. They prefer to own a naturally beautiful patio or backyard, with a very small cost and time of maintenance.

Among its main benefits include:

  • Fast growth
  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Resistance upon diseases
  • Weather-resistant

Excellent Form

Willow hybrid trees can reach up to 75 feet tall, spreading as wide as 30 feet at the maximum. They can grow very long, yet still very slim branches. The unique performance of the leave stands out because the top part is light green and the bottom is paler green.

How It Grows

The trees can grow under any circumstance. The only requirement for maximum growth is to pay attention to the soil composition. The trees can grow under either the full sun or with restricted sunlight. However, the soil shouldn’t be too acidic nor alkaline. The soil should be moist and well-drained.

However, willow hybrid trees can still grow in winter. This is why these trees can be found in almost all states in the US. Yet, the trees might not grow well in Minnesota and southern Florida. But, it is always recommended to plant the willow hybrid trees during the spring or fall.

It is amazing to find out that the trees can grow in almost any kind of soil condition. It grows well under the sun, though they shouldn’t be exposed directly to the sun for more than six hours. The trees are still growing densely under the partial shade. Yet, they still need few hours of direct sunlight for enhancing their potential growth.

The Watering Process and Fertilizing

Once homeowners plant the willow hybrids, then they have to water the plants at least twice a week during the summer. But, during the winter, homeowners might need to water them at least twice within two weeks. This routine should be done within three months.

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Homeowners need to increase the intensity of the watering. Each week, homeowners can water the trees, approximately for one inch, during the spring or fall. The amount of water should be added during the peak of summer. The fertilizing is also very simple, in which homeowners only need to do it once a year after the emerging of the new growth.

Everything you need to know about willow hybrid trees can help you to own these beautiful plants. You don’t only enjoy a comfortable patio or backyard, but you won’t run out of healthy oxygen around your house.

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