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Ideas on How to Arrange A Long Living Room

Arranging a long living room is not an easy matter. Every living room in a house needs the right touch and arrangement. Each living room also needs its concept that must be adapted to various things including the shape of the room.

Choosing The Necessary Items

You need to know about the importance of choosing the right furniture. If you want to make an elongated living room more attractive and spacious, the selection of furniture must be suitable. You have to choose furniture that is not too wide because it can take up the area of your room.

Living rooms, especially those with an elongated shape, can feel very cramped. One of the best ways you can do this is to select and use only the items that are needed. It is essential to choose the right design concept for the living room.

Modern minimalist design style can be the primary consideration. To maximize this room, you need to pay attention to choosing the right furniture products, especially sofas. If you are going to buy a sofa, you can decide on a sofa that is not too wide at the seat but with a large shape at the back of it. This one trick can make your living room look wider just by choosing the right sofa.

Many people will be very concerned about choosing a sofa but forget about the living room table. The living room table can also affect the relief from the living room, especially the long living room. You can choose a minimalist table with a small size in order not to take up too much space.

long living room

Place The Carpet as The Center of Attention

The carpet in the living room can have a function as the center of attention. A long living room can be pinned with a carpet that is also elongated as the center of attention. For the living room to look big and comfortable, the carpet used must be the right size and place it at the center point or under the guest chair.

Carpets are one of the accessories and design elements that have magical powers. The carpet can divide the positive area and negative area in the living room. It is crucial to install and use a rug as a design focal point.

Besides, with their various models, patterns, and motifs, carpets can beautify your living room and give a neat, clean, and fresh impression. The choice of bright colors also applies to furniture colors. Various furniture embedded in the living room should look bright even though it can also be combined with a little dark color to make it more beautiful. Moreover, for large furniture such as sofas, you need to pay attention to the color selection so that your living room does not show a narrow impression just because of its elongated shape.

Those are some ideas that you can apply to your long living room. You can consider these things to beautify your living room. The living room can be designed as attractive and comfortable as possible. You have to know what elements and design elements are most important and should be made with great care when doing so.

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