How to clean Microwave

How To Get A Sparkling Clean Microwave Within Seconds

Wondering how to get a sparkling microwave? You can do it right away without any commercial product!  Even if you have to buy such products in the supermarket, you only need to buy organic ones. While it is good to see this ‘magical box’ in a shiny condition, it is also recommended to clean it regularly, for the sake of its durability and long-term functioning.

Top Ways On How To Get A Sparkling Clean Microwave

You won’t have the heart to let your microwave broken.  But, you feel like you don’t have much time to clean it.  It is possible that you don’t know how you do it fast and effectively.  Now, get ready with all of those cleaning utensils, and don’t waste more time cleaning them right away.

How to clean Microwave

1.Light Stains

Have yourself a bottle of dish soap and a paper towel. But, a damp cloth is even better.   They are enough to clean a light stain. In this case, you should clean all the light stains, in both the interior and exterior. Cleaning the exterior is easy, as you can put liquid dish soap in a bowl of water.  Put the damp sponge within the solution, and wipe the exterior until it is really clean. Wipe it out again with a damp cloth.

 However, cleaning the interior is still very easy. Just place the solution within the microwave. Set the microwave to one minute. When it is steamy enough, turn off the microwave. Unplug it, and you can start cleaning the interior thoroughly with the damp sponge.

There are some kinds of dish soap that contain organic products like lemongrass extract, aloe barbadensis leaf, citrus lemon, and so forth. For the best option, choose the one that has the Ecologo certified label.

2.Moderate Stains

It happens after you realize that you haven’t cleaned your microwave for two weeks.  If this is the case, then you can try mixing a cup of water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. As the stains are located in the interior, then you should do the same way with the previous step. Boil the solution for approximately five minutes.

Afterward, unplug the microwave before you wipe down the overall interior. Don’t forget to clean the door as well. Use a damp sponge instead of a paper towel.  The paper towel surface may scratch the surface. If you don’t have apple cider vinegar, then you can invest in certified organic products.

3.Stubborn Stains

Somehow, homeowners think that their microwave is free of stain. When they realize that their previous cooking processes could produce several spots on the interior, they find out that it is hard to clean them up with light dish soap. Some of them think that detergent or bleaching products can wipe all those stains.

Those products may clean all of those stubborn stains. But, they will ruin the interior’s surface. So, the safest thing to do is to pour down two tablespoons of baking soda in a cup of water.  Again, you should put them in the microwave. Turn it on and leave for two minutes. If you want to provide a good scent, then you can add a drop of lemon juice.

The cleaning process after the microwave is turned off is just similar to the two previous steps. Wipe down the whole interior with a damp sponge. Yet, keep the door open for a while.

Sanitizing The Microwave Exterior

In some way, cleaning the exterior is recommended. Bacteria can grow well in damp areas.  Homeowners may not realize that oil stains remain in the microwave exterior surface.  Choose Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for thorough cleaning.  Or, there are also other kinds of cleaning products that can effectively sanitize the microwave, particularly on the buttons and handle.

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We love to see our microwave clean and sparkle. But, it is not recommended to use cleaning products that contain several substances like ammonia or bleach.  However, you should wear rubber gloves during the cleaning process. Those organic products are still safe for the hands. But, some users have very sensitive palms and fingertips.

After you know how to get a sparkling clean microwave, then you should remember to clean it regularly. Regular cleaning won’t waste your time, as you should only clean light stains.

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