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Home Bar Design Tips

You can create your own home bar design. Yet, it can be a daunting task, since the home bar is a perfect place to show who you are and how you reflect your taste and personality. You may have difficulties when stopping by the idea of how the design will be. There will be hundreds of ideas and themes you can try. What we have today may suit your taste.

Before you decide which idea you take, you need to consider the place you have in your home for your home bar. One may have huge rooms for their entertainment and extensive bottle collection, but others may prefer a hidden bar design with mini wall bars.

The best function of home bars is not only providing organized and safe storage for your drink collection, but it also helps you to prepare the drink easily, efficiently, and quickly by having the accouterments in one single place.

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Essential Things for Mini Home Bar

When you have a tiny home bar design, you need to have these several essential things to make your home bar function well. The first thing is a bar chart which is a perfect solution if you have several areas in your house where you enjoy the drinks. For this design, try to have a vintage bar cart to create a beautiful ambiance.

Another thing to have is a simple tray. If you have a small space, having a simple tray will work well. And if you want to get a more attractive tray, you can upgrade it with leather handles, faux marble, chalkboard paint, or decorative paper.

Also, try to put a built-in closet. This will let you hide the bar in seconds after the party is finished. Try to have a small closet, with a dedicated sink to support this hidden bar. And for a small home bar, use empty corners to create your small home bar. To have this, try to use a wall-mounted cabinet and open shelves. It can create an optical illusion of a wider space. Combined these things with a small dresser. Creating a small home bar in an attic or basement can be a great idea as well. Make this space functional.

Some Ideas to Try

For a quick home bar design, you can try to make a bar in a cabinet. This bar is kept away from sight, but when you suddenly need it for a party, the cabinet is ready with drinks, shelves for storage, and also a wine rack.

The second idea to try is by having floating bottle storage. It will be great for a modern and minimalist home. The interesting yet amazing idea can also function as a room divider. The chrome bars also give you an edgy look, and when you change the metal storage with wood, it can create a rustic vibe.

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The rustic vibe can also be created by making the home bar from a DIY recycled pallet. These pallets are easy to assemble and will save more money. What you need are just pallets and nails. To give a warm ambiance, put some lighting.

A pull-out drawer bar is also a good idea for home bar design. It uses the available storage space without sacrificing your convenience. Make it to several shelves for tall bottles, shorter ones, and glasses and bar implements.

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