Hanging Christmas Lights

Hanging Christmas Lights; What Things To Consider

The beauty of Christmas lights is beyond our doubt. It is always nice to see those lights on our house, whether they are on the trees, windows, and inside our home, particularly on our Christmas tree.  But, homeowners can use their Christmas lights on Christmas trees only. They can adorn every corner of their homes with Christmas lights, that match their houses’ themes.

Anyway, some homeowners find it challenging to start hanging their Christmas lights. It is true that hanging them is not as easy as 1-2-3. But, it is not too complicated either. It is fine to be nervous, but it doesn’t require anyone to hesitate in installing them in the right way.

Hanging Christmas Lights

Hanging In The Right Way; Top Things To Learn

In order to enhance the look of your house during Christmas, or maybe other events, you should consider placing Christmas lights in all of these three spots. Those three spots are:


First of all, let’s start with the Christmas light for the interior.  In this case, you won’t want to ruin your wallpaper or paint with a stapler. So, it is recommended to use a wire tacker. Using a wire tacker is beneficial.

The first benefit is the wall will not ruin the paint or wallpaper. Besides, you won’t find a risk of damaging the Christmas light wires. When there is damage to the wires, then there will be a greater chance to experience a short circuit. Besides, there will be a neat look on the wire which is hanging on the wall.

Another alternative for attaching the wire along the wall is by using certain clips for every bulb. The clips can be placed underneath shingles. Placing the wires should be done in a very careful and neat way. Or else, your house will look like a store selling Christmas lights.


Most of the time, homeowners will install their Christmas lights in both the exterior and interior. The exterior Christmas lights might be a little bit different in features. It contains more protection on the light bulbs and wires because they have direct contact with the weather.

The light bulbs for the Christmas light installation should be pointed down. Or else, it can be exposed to very small water particles.  Believe it or not, there are more options for exterior Christmas lights. Variants in colors and shapes can be the best alternatives for homeowners, who wish to welcome the festive season with sparkling houses.

However, homeowners should ensure that the colors of the light bulbs should match their house’s exterior theme. They need to make sure that the lighting can add delight to the roof, wall, and also fence. Choosing the best colors for the exterior can be demanding. However, some busy homeowners don’t want to bother themselves by choosing colorful Christmas lights. They prefer to choose white, LED lights. They match with the surroundings and will enhance the house’s sparkle.

The quality of exterior Christmas lights should be better than ones, which are specifically designed for interior use. The wires and light bulb glasses should be thick enough for the best protection. This is particularly for the lights on trees.

Christmas lights can be wrapped around in trunks. In this case, homeowners need the longest Christmas lights. It is best to wrap the overall body of the tree so that everyone can notice the shape of the tree during the night.  Remember not to bend the wires too forcefully, because they can be very fragile.

Hanging Christmas Lights


Don’t you think they are the best parts in the house for Christmas lights decoration?  Attaching wires in windows is much easier because many Christmas lights are equipped with clamps or hooks. For the best performance and lifespan, the light bulbs can be placed surrounding the window panes.  When the light bulbs are exposed to the air, then they won’t get damaged easily, due to overheating.

Make Yourself Good Preparation

All in all, hanging Christmas lights need to be well prepared. Determining the right spot is very important.  It will be very bizarre in hanging light bulbs in any spot that you like. You don’t want your guests to see those awkwardly hanging lights in your house, particularly in the exterior. Get ideas from several home improvement websites for the best decorative lights that suit your taste, need, and budget.

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