Google Mini Review

Google Home Mini review: A Smart Speaker with an Attractive Look

Technology keeps evolving in every aspect of life including in home living. Now you can set timers, check calendar, and play music just by giving a vocal command. One of the devices that allow you to do so is a smart speaker. Of course its price is not cheap especially if it is combined with extra software and devices to control home functions. Google Home Mini is a solution for anyone looking for an affordable smart speaker. If you are thinking about buying the Mini, you should read the Google Home Mini review below.

Google Mini Review

Google Mini review about its design

There is no doubt that the Mini has a very attractive design. Many people fall for the elegant and modern design. Its design can give a vibe of warmth. It has a small size and a round shape just like the Amazon Echo Dot, but it somehow looks and feels friendlier. It’s probably because it has curved sides that make it look softer. The Mini is wrapped in a gray fabric like the larger Google Home.

The touch-screen controls can be found hidden beneath the cloth cover. The touch-screen controls allow you to launch Google Assistant and play music. Meanwhile, you can find the volume button on the sides of the Mini. If you want to activate the microphone, you can switch the button the back.

The Home Mini has the LEDs on the top of it which light up as they detect your voice. Unfortunately, it is difficult to see the lights. The ones featured in the Echo Dot are better as they are more visible and the color changes when they hear your voice.

Sound quality

Even though smart speakers are not designed for a primary music source, you should give two thumbs up for Home Mini’s audio performance. Compared to the Echo Dot, the Mini produces much fuller sound with more present bass. If you play music frequently with a smart speaker, you will love the Mini.

This device is also perfect for those who like to stream audio from various sources. It is something that Alexa can’t do. When it comes to audio performance, the Mini only has one drawback. It does not support a 3.5mm audio jack. It only has Bluetooth so you can’t stream audio to the Mini from an external speaker. You can only do this if the external speaker is connected to a Chromecast device.

Microphone performance

The performance of the microphone is fine enough. Its microphone performance is similar to that of Echo Dot. Even when you talk in low voice, the Mini is able to hear you across the room. It can still hear your voice where you are 10 feet away. It means you do not have to speak too loudly to be heard.

Smart home performance

Unfortunately, when it comes to smart home device integration, the Home Mini still lags well behind Amazon’s Alexa. Adding smart-home devices to Google Home is a little but complicated. First of all, you need to choose the devices from the side menu. It doesn’t end there. After that, you should select the smart speaker and choose settings. These steps take much time. Some users think that this device is not user-friendly especially for those using it for the first time.

The bottom line

The Google Home Mini is often compared with the Amazon’s smallest Alexa speaker as they serve similar function. Many people agree that Goggle Home Mini is leading in terms of design and audio performance but is not as versatile as Alexa speaker. If you are looking for an attractive design and low price, Google Home Mini is a better option. More importantly, it has a great sound quality. Furthermore, it supports Android TVs although Alexa can work with more smart-home devices.

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So from the brief Google Home Mini review above, it can be concluded that the inexpensive Google Home Mini outperforms other smart speakers in terms of design and audio quality. It has the capability to cast both video and video arguably, making it a great addition for your smart entertainment home system. However, when it comes to smart-home integration, it can’t be denied that Google is still lagging well behind Amazon.

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