Dont Want Others See Your House in Google Street View

Don’t Want Others See Your House in Google Street View? Try These Things!

We love to find places on Google Maps or Google Street View. But, most of the time, we don’t want others to see our house from this application. This application is actually very helpful. Yet, some internet users consider that they are losing their privacy if Google Street View shows their houses.

Need More Privacy?

Are you one of them? Then you can try these simple steps in hiding any of your property, whether it is your house or your office, from Google Street View. While we have the right to protect our privacy, we also can avoid the use of Google Street View from others’ misbehaviors.

First things first, you should know how Google Maps or Google Street View works. Google cameras are actually everywhere to capture almost any corner in the world! The cameras are placed on top of Google’s cars where they can take pictures of major roads worldwide. Some people like to see their faces on Google Street View, while others don’t like to be exposed in public through this app.

Dont Want Others See Your House in Google Street View

1.Visit the Original Source

If you want to eliminate the picture of your house from Google Maps, then you should visit the link. Visit google.com and find Maps. Then, you can find your house through the search box

2.Choose The Street View 

Try to find the street view by clicking the picture under the searching box. Then, you will find a yellow icon. Drag t his icon onto the blue highlighted street. If you can’t see any highlighted street, it means that the street wasn’t captured by any of Google’s camera.

3.Report Problem Option

This might seem very extreme. But, if you think that you need to maintain your privacy, then you can ask for it. You can directly click “Report A Problem”. The menu is located on the bottom side.

4.Submit The Form

Of course, we can’t just ask Google to blur our house without any reason. By clicking the menu above, you will be given a chance to fill the form. Complete the form which contains general data, like your house and other properties that you own. You will be asked several questions that include the reason why you need to report the image.

You can ask Google to blur certain parts that are shown in your house. They can be cars, faces, and many more. You can also answer why you want to have the image blurred, or whether the house is misaligned or misplaced.

5.Finishing The Report

Google will ask your email account for the last verification. In this case, you should make sure that your email account is valid. The process may take a day or two. Then, you can check out later, whether the image of your house and car is already blurred.

Simple Ways For Protecting Our Privacy

There is nothing wrong with hiding our property from the public, as long as others still can see your exact address. Google Street View is only helping users to find the right track. Google still pays attention highly to users’ privacy.

Michael Sears

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