Quick Way To Clean Tarnished Silver

Do You Know A Quick Way To Clean Tarnished Silver?

You need to know a quick way to clean tarnished silver because it is unavoidable.  Silver is prone to tarnish faster these days, due to the higher pollutants during the past decade. It was different from ancient times.  Tarnish is purely caused by the oxidization process of the silver surface layer.

Fortunately, the process is very slow, in which tarnished silver happens when the silver gets high air exposure. But, those who often wear silver jewelry, should know some methods to keep their silver clean and bright.

Check Out A Quick Way To Clean Tarnished Silver

Quick Way To Clean Tarnished Silver

So, it is important to know about the best way to keep our beloved silver jewelry and silverware. This is important because it can help the tarnish process slower, or doesn’t even take place.  Especially for your silverware, you should avoid placing these things:

1.Any Kind of Sulfur-Processed Materials

Latex, rubber, cardboard, paper, and other materials, that contain sulfur and involve sulfur during the making process, are the main enemies of silver.  Some people use rubber bands for keeping their silverware. So, if you did the same thing previously, just removed it.

2.Acid Liquid

In this case, the liquid is from fruits, particularly wine. We often see the mass ceremony when the wine is placed within the silver cup. Well, as long as the wine or any acid liquid isn’t kept for a long time within the silverware, then the tarnish process may be slower.


While it is rare to find people, these days, keep their salt within a silverware, it is important to notice that salt can make the tarnish process faster than anyone can expect.  Salt isn’t always the salt that we use for cooking. The saltwater should be avoided in having any direct contact with your silver jewelry or silverware.


How can we keep our silver from the air? Well, if you don’t plan to wear your silver jewelry all year long, then you might keep them within a tight-wrapped container.  But, if you plan to wear your beautiful silver necklace every day, then you should clean it regularly to avoid the tarnish process.

What To Do In Removing Light to Medium Tarnish

Pay attention to the light tarnish, because it should be removed right away. All you need to prepare is the only detergent that is already solved in warm water, a specific cloth for cleaning silver, and silver polish. Just pour the warm water with detergent on the silverware, then brush it with the cleaning cloths with elbow grease. Make sure the cloth is very soft. If you never invest in any silver cloth, then cotton wool balls can do the job. Then, dry up the silver perfectly until dry, before polishing it with the silver polish. Don’t polish it with circular motions. Do it in straight lines.

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What about medium tarnish? It is much more complicated though it is still very necessary. In this case, all you need to buy is the specific silver polish. Don’t use a polish that is specifically made for polishing other metals like brass, chrome, and so forth.  The medium tarnish requires you to apply the silver polish to the silver with the soft cloth. Then, leave the silver for some minutes until it dries. Afterward, polish it off. It is as simple as that.

Some people don’t rinse the silver under the water tap. But, others do it, because the residue of the polish can be cleaned thoroughly. It will make the silver looks shinier.  Keep in mind that the silver should be very dry before it is kept under a well-wrapped container.

What About Scratches In The Silver?

Don’t worry, the silver dip can remove it well. But, keep in mind that the silver should be rinsed thoroughly from the dip because its residue can ruin the silver.  If you once thought to use toothpaste for cleaning the scratch on your silver, don’t even think about it. It does remove the scratch, but it also removes the silver layer as well.

So, a quick way to clean tarnished silver is actually very easy. It depends on whether the tarnished silver is light or medium.  Remember to maintain your silver jewelry and silverware by avoiding any contact with some aforementioned substances, after the tarnish removal.

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