Painting a bedroom

Colors To Avoid When Painting Bedroom Walls

Painting a bedroom is fun to do. It is time to mix and match colors to create a comfortable and appealing bedroom. Some colors are perfect for a bedroom, but some others are not. Learn the colors you have to avoid in your bedroom.

Painting a bedroom


The reason why you would better avoid red in your bedroom is related to the atmosphere. Painting a bedroom with red seems to increase anger and excitement emotions. As a result, you will have difficulty falling asleep. Choose a soft color for a bedroom to boost a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.


You may love a gothic theme, but it is better not to paint the walls in your bedroom black. Black is too dark for the room. The space of the bedroom also looks smaller than the actual size. The worse is that black may decrease your energy. As a result, you feel tired when you wake up. You can mix and match the black color with other colors and balance them instead of painting the walls black.


Experts often correlate yellow with morning brightness and the sun. This color may be good for the daytime, but it is not at night. The color seems too bright, and disturbs your comfort at night. Imagine if you apply yellow for the walls, along with bright lighting. It will be uncomfortable for your eyes.

Dark Brown 

You can apply dark brown for home interiors, but it is not suitable for a bedroom. You are about to enter and sleep in a gloomy bedroom. The atmosphere makes you feel unmotivated to start a day. As a result, it feels that you are too lazy to get up in the morning.


Some homeowners paint their bedroom’s walls white. They think that it is the simplest way, so they can mix and match it with other colors and accessories. The problem is that this color reflects light. A bedroom with white walls seems cold and monotonous. The best solution is balancing the white color with warmer and more relaxing colors.


Painting walls with gray give a similar sensation to a white bedroom. Your bedroom looks cold and monotonous. It seems that there is no energy once you enter the room. This sensation makes you unmotivated to get up in the morning. You even feel that you are entering a gloomy bedroom. The longer you stay in this type of room, the more you tumble in not in a good mood.


Magenta seems okay for your bedroom because it is bright and brings a lot of energy to come in. You feel cheered up once you enter the room. This color makes it hard to sleep at night. Choose lighter colors, such as beige for a more comfortable bedroom.

The point is that it doesn’t mean that you can’t use the colors above for painting a bedroom. The most important thing is the way to mix and match the color to create a cozy bedroom. As a result, you can enjoy your time there, sleep tight at night, and feel fresh when you wake up in the morning.

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