Jacobs Ladder Colorful Flower

Colorful Flowers that Grow in Shades

Having a gorgeous garden or backyard full of colorful flowers at a house is almost everyone’s dream. Such a colorful garden can provide a special space to relieve stress and get relaxed. However, not all people are blessed with a spacious house. For example, those who live in a studio apartment. If you are one of them, do not be worried. You can grow these beautiful flowers that do not need direct sunlight.


Fuchsia Colorful Flowers


Fuchsia comes in various, lively colors. But red and pink are the most popular fuchsia colors. The best place to grow this pretty flower is in shades that do not get direct sunlight. Fuchsia is best to grow during the spring.

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart Colorful Flowers

Believe it, this flower is not as scary as its name. Bleeding heart is a pretty flower that grows well in a shady, damp environment. But, you need to plant this flower in the soil that is rich in organic materials. Bleeding heart is one of the flowers that require full shades so that it can grow well.


red Anthurium flowers

Do you want your studio apartment to look more colorful? Then, you can plant small anthurium. It is not hard to take care of this flower. You just need to regularly water it and place it in the area that gets enough sunlight. However, do not ever place anthurium in direct sunlight.


Primrose Colorful Flower

This pretty flower is getting known because of the Hunger Games movie. One of the characters is named Primrose. Primrose grows well in rocky areas. If you want to plant this flower, be careful of snails. Primrose is considered as one of the most loving flowers in India.

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacobs Ladder Colorful Flower

The next is Jacob’s Ladder. This flower blooms during the spring and emits purple or blue light. It grows in a shady place, on a cold, damp ground. So, you can plant this gorgeous flower indoor. Jacob’s Ladder is one of the most beautiful flowers that can grow without direct sunlight.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily is one of the best decorative flowers that you can plant indoors because of its gorgeous look and its ability to clear the air. This flower is available in various sizes, giving you a number of options. Peace Lily grows well under the neon light. So, you can place this flower in your bedroom.


Impatients Colorful Flower

If you prefer to grow a flower that requires little treatment and maintenance, Impatiens is the right choice of flower for you. This flower has shiny leaves that make it look attractive even when it is not blooming. But, you need to regularly water it and make sure the soil is not too wet. You also need to fertilize this flower at least once a month.


Begonia Colorful Flower

Last but not least is Begonia. It is one of the most gorgeous decorative flowers out there. Begonia can also make your indoor looks colorful and decorative. Similar to Impatiens, Begonia also needs to be fertilized once a month to make it grow well and fresh. Interested in growing this colorful flower?

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