Peace Lilly - Indoor Plant

Choose These 12 Indoor Plants for Your Petite, Yet Beautiful Small House

Indoor plants become the major option for homeowners or those who live in apartments. Indoor plants are more than just decorations for the interior. They can deliver oxygen to indoor spaces, and enhance the look of the interior. This is why homeowners decide to opt for indoor plants with very small maintenance because they have no adequate space to plant outdoor.

Don’t Just Choose Any Plant

There are kinds of indoor plants that suit tropical countries but might not grow well in four seasoned countries. This is a great challenge for homeowners in order to opt for the best indoor plants. This is why it is best to opt for indoor plants that can maintain their fresh performance.  Homeowners need to ensure that the climate around their houses is not higher than 25 degrees Celcius, in the afternoon.

Check out these indoor plants that will suit any temperature and need only very small maintenance.


Pothos - Inddor Plant

Known as Epipremnum aureum, this is one of those plants that require very low maintenance. They are not only good for indoor decoration, but they don’t require watering too often. Most homeowners prefer to hang them in baskets.


Cactus - Indoor Plant

Nothing beats its dependability in surviving in any kind of temperature. You don’t have to water it every day, and you don’t need to check its condition too often. It doesn’t only good to be placed in front of the computer, but it is good to place it within a small park at the corner of the living room.

3.Peace Lilly

Peace Lilly - Indoor Plant

Known as Spathiphyllum.  This is another plant that doesn’t require direct sunlight. Moreover, it is very flawless in dark areas.  Its blooming white leaves are gorgeous. The tallest one can reach for 4 feet. Keep in mind that it doesn’t require too much water, but it still needs daily watering during the hot climate.

4.Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap - Indoor Plant

Well, you might think that you will need to provide its prey every day. Don’t worry, this carnivorous plant can survive, not only by eating flies but also by very small insects. It will survive, even if owners don’t provide them on purpose. The best place to grow Venus Fly Trap is in the tropical areas.

5.Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant - Indoor Plant

Its other name is Ficus elastic. It can grow under low sunlight. Its thick leaves are just like rubbers. Their survival is as good as rubbers. Even if it looks hard, it still needs regular trimming. The best time to trim it is when the leaves have reached 5 feet.

6.Mother in-Laws Tongue

Mother in-Laws Tongue - Indoor Plant

This plant has very sharp leaves and it can survive with any kind of circumstance. Wondering how people name this plant. Whatever it is, this plant wins the attention of indoor garden lovers. Watering this plant can be done once or twice a month! But still, pay attention more during the summertime or hot climate.

7.Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant - Indoor Plant

This plant lives in humid areas, and don’t like direct sunlight. But, homeowners can’t let this plant in extremely dry condition.  Avoid planting them nearby the door or windowpane, because the slightest light can ruin it.

8.Living Stones

Living Stones - Indoor Plant

This plant is really unique and will be perfect for home decoration. Its colorful characteristic really adds the delight.

9.Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern - Indoor Plant

Though homeowners can see them grow faster with the more frequent watering, it is fine to water this plant in a moderate way, in which homeowners need to water this, after it is really dry.

10.English Ivy

English Ivy - Indoor Plant

It is good for both outdoors and indoors. When it is planted indoors, the growth may not be as faster as the ones that are planted outdoors.

11.Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern - Indoor Plant

This plant can also tolerate a low level of light. It is also good for a moderate climate like in tropical countries. Those, who live in four seasoned countries, can keep the room warm by using a heater to keep it survive.

12.Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa - Indoor Plant

Watering needs only once or twice a week. This plant doesn’t like sunlight, so it is best to place it on a darker side. It doesn’t only deliver a good amount of oxygen, but also reduce air pollutants.

Simple Maintenance for Your Interior Beauty

You can adorn your indoor rooms with those beautiful plants. They won’t waste your time, and they will maximize the healthier air for your surroundings.

Michael Sears

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