What Should Avoid with Your Power Strips

Check out 9 Important Things That You Should Avoid with Your Power Strips

Just admit that we often take the risk of plugging too many devices into our power strips. We often also plug-in extension cord and surge protectors to add the capability of a power supply for other electronic devices. The fact is that power strips have limited power. This device can be very stressful with too much pressure.

What Should Avoid with Your Power Strips

Best Tips About Using Power Strips

First of all, it is important to notice that most of us don’t know about the capacity of power strips. Of course, if there are five to six outlets to plug-in our devices, then we usually don’t hesitate to use them all. The fact is that there were so many cases of home fires, due to the excessive use of power strips. It is not too late to avoid these things to power strips.

1.Avoid Connecting Several Power Strips At the Same Time

Many of us connect several power strips at the same time. We usually do this whenever we have guests, and we have lots of things to plugin. If we need to plug-in our devices, we can plug in an extension cord to one of the outlets of the power strip.

2.Plugging In High Power Devices 

It is fine to plug in one of these high-powered devices like humidifiers, heaters, and so forth. But, it is best to use one of them within one power strips.

3.Avoiding The Overheat of Power Strips 

Somehow, power strips can be very hot when all the outlets are full. When it happens, then we should only reduce the use of outlets.

4.Replacing The Function of Outlets

For new homeowners, they have to make sure that their houses have lots of outlets. This is particularly in the busiest places like the kitchen and living room. Don’t just count on power strips to plug in anything.

5.Avoiding Wet Places

It is highly dangerous to use power strips in the bathroom. We can’t notice whether there is a single drop of water entering the outlets.

6.Pay Attention to the Capacity

Most of us don’t pay attention to the capacity of the power strip when we buy it. There are specifications that we need to check. Just choose the right devices to plug-in, and make sure that the overall watts of the plugged-in devices do not surpass the capacity.

7.Buy Cheapest Power Strip Without Any Certification

There are lots of power strips that look sturdy with lots of outlets. But, we should start buying any power strip with certification.

8.Throw Away The Power Strips if One Outlet is Melted

Many owners just use other outlets of a power strip when they find out that one outlet is accidentally melted. This is definitely forbidden because it can cause short-circuit.

9.Don’t Use It Permanently

Power strips are not designed for extensive, long-term usage. It is designed for a temporary electricity connector. So, it should be used for charging devices, instead of plugging in a refrigerator.

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Be Careful

Power strips, these days, have various kinds of styles, materials, and sizes. The important thing that homeowners should take heed of is to avoid excessive usage, for a very long term, let alone permanently.

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