Burning Some Things in Your Fireplace

Burning Some Things in Your Fireplace? Make Sure You Avoid These Things

Having a fireplace for warming the cold nights is such a great blessing. Homeowners are mostly having a great time nearby the fireplace. The living room will become the central place for everyone to gather. And most of the time, they will have quality time by having some glasses of hot chocolate.

The most common thing to do when people gather in front of the fireplace is burning something. It is very fine to throw things in the fireplace when they contain no dangerous chemical substances. But, some things are forbidden to burn in the fireplace.

Burning Some Things in Your Fireplace

Avoid These Things to Burn in Your Fireplace

There are top things that can be very dangerous when you burn them in the fireplace. They can cause harmful particles that are included in the pollutant smoke. It is hazardous for your family members, and also your neighbors. Those things include


Without a doubt, plastic is truly hazardous when it has direct contact with any kind of heat. If it can produce harmful particles when it is melted by hot water, it is even more dangerous when it is burned. It produces carbon monoxide and other particles like Dioxin that contains carcinogenic. They can bring damage to the human respiratory system.

Then, what you should do with plastics? it is always recommended to buy recycled plastics so that you can recycle them.

2.Wood Pallets

Wood pallets have different characteristics, depending on the pallet’s origin. If you plan to burn wood pallets, then you can check the origin of the pallet, by finding the manufacturing country. Some countries treat pallets by using pesticides. Those pesticides contain methyl bromide or other harmful chemicals when they are burned.

For the safest thing to do, just don’t burn any kind of wood pallet, whether it includes the manufacturing stamp that shows its origin or not.

3.Christmas Tree

When Christmas is over, many homeowners consider burning them in the fireplace, as they might not want to spend time outside burning things. Most Christmas trees contain resin. Christmas trees are mostly made of cedar, pine, or spruce. It is fast to burn them all, with the very hot surroundings.

Resinous wood will produce creosote when it is burned. The chimney can be easily contaminated, while it will pop resin and other unexpected chemicals. If you still plan to burn the Christmas tree, then you can start by firing some pine kindling sticks in a low amount. When the fire is getting bigger, then you can add others.

4.Manufactured Woods

As the name implies, those woods are manufactured, in which man’s hands are involved. Those woods are considered composite in which they are made of wood particles, strands, and very tiny pieces of wood. They are combined with adhesives before they are combined into a composite. When the adhesives are burned, then they will produce toxins. Among the most popular manufactured woods include plywood, fiberboard, and so forth.

5.Fire Accelerants

You know for sure what will happen when accelerants are burned. They can make the fire bigger in which homeowners feel happy during the chill nights. But, flare-ups can take place when the fireplace has a high temperature. It is risky for chimneys to experience overheating.

6.Painted Wood

Any kind of paint contains arsenic. In this case, arsenic is the protection against insects and any kind of moisture that causes dampness. But, arsenic is highly dangerous when it is burned, due to the toxic fume that it produces. Besides arsenic, painted woods always contain several chemicals that bring similarly dangerous impacts.


The last but not least, wasting any trash within the fireplace is the most terrible thing that you should avoid in the first place. Trash contains various dangerous particles when they are burned. It doesn’t only deliver bad impact to the respiratory system, but it will produce creosote that builds up the lining of the chimney.  Other chemicals might be hazardous particularly from papers, newspapers, plastic or paper cups, and wrapping paper.

Never Underestimate The Heated Fireplace

The heated fireplace can cause lots of dangerous things. It will build up unnecessary chemical residue to the chimney lining, and also cause pollutant to your house.

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