Amazon Echo Dot Review

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock review: What’s New with the 4th generation?

As smart digital assistants are rapidly evolving, it is nowadays not uncommon to find ones in any homes as they become almost home essentials. One of them is the newest Echo Device launched by Amazon. The device is a combination of smart speaker, premium audio device, and home automation bot that blend perfectly into home décor. It is a smart speaker that is able to control TVs, thermostats, light, and other smart home gadgets. Here is the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock review that will help you make decision whether or not this decide is worth to buy.

Amazon Echo Dot Review

The 4th Amazon Echo Dot with Clock review: The new features

Compared to the previous generations, the latest Echo version offers a new look with temperature sensor and improved sound quality. Here are the details of the features.

A new design

It comes with a new spherical design that’s very different from the older models. The circular look looks a bit more sculptural and it gives a modern touch. Most of the outside of the device is wrapped with a mix of fabric, plastic, and die-cast aluminum. The materials make it look a bit softer and techy. It features an LED light ring that enhances its cool modern look.

An improved audio performance

The audio performance is the next noticeable difference found is the Echo dot. The speaker uses Dolby Audio with dual front firing tweeters and a 76mm woofer. Meanwhile, the 3rd gen Echo only has a single tweeter. Reviewers say that the new Amazon Echo 4th gen absolutely sounds better than the previous models. The sound is clearer and crisper. Surprisingly, the bass is quite good, too. It is really a great speaker for playing music, audio books, podcasts, and more.

A temperature sensor

In addition, this new unit is equipped with a new temperature sensor. It is one of the new features that are absent in the older models. The sensor helps you set up temperature-related routines. You can just ask Alexa, the smart assistant, about the current temperature in your area and she will answer the question. To try this feature, you have to wait about an hour after setting up the device.

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Unfortunately, you probably will find it not really helpful when you are not at home. Many users expect that temperature sensor can allow the Echo to text or email them when the temperature in the house extremely drops so they can do something to everything from freezing.

How to set up the device

Setting up the Amazon Echo is relatively easy and it just takes several minutes. You just need to turn the power up and log into the Alexa app. If this is first time you use the device, you need to sign up for an account first. After successfully logging into the app, your Echo dot will do the rest. Some sequences will pop up and what you need to do is just to click next until you are ready to use it. After you finish setting up the Echo, you can access all features in the Smart Home section.

You can start asking for whatever you need to your digital assistant, Alexa, through the on-board microphone. Even when you are playing music, Alexa can still hear and reply. You don’t need to worry that your Echo will run out of storage as it is cloud-link. The best thing is that it doesn’t require you to download updates.

What else can Amazon Echo do?

There are many tasks that your personal digital assistant can do. It can play music based on your request, adjust volume, set timers, convert measurements, and make phone calls. More importantly, it works well to control smart lights, thermostats, and other smart home devices.  You can even use it as an intercom system.

Final verdict

Based on the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock review above, it is clear that this smart addition is a nice addition for your smart home. This user-friendly device connects very well to a legion of smart home gadgetry. It makes the Echo a great entry point for anyone who wants to start with a digital voice assistant. It is especially a good choice for those living in a small space due to its compact and small size.

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