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5 Best Long Living Room Ideas to Get You Inspired

Decorating a long-sized living room can be very tricky. The size of the room will make it harder for you, especially when it comes to furniture replacement and achieving a comfy feel at the same time. So, how to make the space work best for you? Here top 5 long living room ideas to help you make the most of the space.

#1. Divide the Room Space

One of the most obvious things about a long living room is that there will be a lot of space that you have to decorate. It is impractical and hard to create harmony in the room without a plan. To make things easier, you can divide the space available into some separate areas. This is an effective way to help you create an illusion that the room is larger than its actual space. Not only that but separating the room into some different areas will also allow you to create a feeling of “flow”.

long living room ideas

#2. Create a Walkway

A walkway is important in creating a comfortable living room, especially the long-sized one. Due to the shape, a long living room often comes with a straight walkway that stretches from one side to another. The walkway makes the room looks smaller than it should be. It will be better if you create a walkway in an “S” shape. It will allow you to place the different areas in your living room diagonally. As an alternative, you can also place the walkway at one side of the room, instead of in the middle. The arrangement makes your room feel comfy and doesn’t look like a bowling alley.

#3. Play with Colors

Believe it or not but simple things like colors can create a huge difference in a room appearance. Neutral colors such as white will make your living room looks more spacious. This is one of the easiest long living room ideas is worth to try. You can also use pale neutrals to help you make small and long spaces feel larger.

long living room ideas

#4. Pick Up the Rightest Sofa

Pieces of furniture like a sofa also play an important role in a long living room decoration. Make sure that you keep the sofa in a good proportion, balancing it with the shape and size of the room. In this way, the sofa should be the one which is not too small or too large. A corner sofa can be one of the most ideal options to take. This type of sofa can work well in a long living room and create a natural divide in it.

#5. Create Height in the Room

Most of the time, a long living room often leads it to feel closed in, making it look narrower. To avoid this, you can create height in the room. Hanging curtains at ceiling height, instead of the window height, can be one of the simplest long living rooms ideas to try. It will make the ceiling look taller than its original size. You can also use tall pieces of furniture such as floor-to-ceiling bookcases as an alternative

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